Hotel Safes

Do you own or manage a hotel and are in need of convenient ways for your guests to secure their belongings. Value Safes offers a variety of options including our selection of hotel and hospitality safes. When it comes to finding a high-quality safe, you can end your search by taking advantage of our sales. We have many terrific options to choose, and all of our hotel and hospitality safes come complete with a long list of features.

Just some of what you can expect any time you purchase our hospitality safes include electronic keypads, bolt down hardware, pry resistant doors and much more. From jewelry to hard drives, these safes are perfect for storing just about anything.

Browse our online catalog and click on any of our product pages to view additional details about each high security hotel and hospitality safe for sale. Once you place your order, we ship your safe immediately. For more information about a specific safe, or about our services in general, contact Value Safes today to learn more from a helpful member of our team.