1Hr Fire Proof Safes

Whether you are in need of college dorm safes or you are looking for a new safe for your office, Value Safes is here to help. Even some of the most durable safes can’t withstand high temperatures, which is why we offer a selection of high-quality fire proof safes. Any time you order a fireproof safe from us, you receive a product that will protect your belongings in temperatures up to 1,700F.

The selection of safes found on this page will remain durable in a fire for up to one hour. This allows for plenty of time to put out the fire and retrieve the safe before any damage is done to your belongings inside. These safes also come with a variety of additional features including programmable digital locks, display dates, and more.

No matter what type of items you need to protect, rely on these one hour fire proof safes to get the job done. Browse our site to learn more about our products and place your order today. For more information, contact Value Safes today.

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