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1Hr Fire Proof Safes

Honeywell 2113 Fire Proof Safe


Get the ultimate protection for your valuables from theft and damaging fire with the Honeywell 2113 Fire Safe. This safe can withstand external temperatures of up to 1700° F for up to one hour, giving you peace of mind and a storage capacity of .6 cubic feet. The water resistant door gives your valuables added protection from leaks, spills, and other forms of water damage.

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  • 63 cu’ interior storage capacity.
  • This fire safes electronic digital keypad allows users to program a personal 3 to 8 digit pass code.
  • Programmable Digital Lock
  • 1 hr. fire rating to protect contents in a fire up to 1700F for one hour.
  • Displays date and time and will provide user access history.
  • Audible alarm sounds if safe is tilted to added security.


Weight 101 lbs


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