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Hollon HDS-1000E Data Safe


The Hollon HDS-1000E from Value Safes is perfect for all
your valuables and documents, including but not limited to office computer
back-ups, home computer back-ups, digital photos, CDs, DVDs and more. The
interior features three removable shelves for better organization, and a highly
secure electronic digital lock protects everything. This safe will also keep
your items safe from water damage and humidity. For more information on this
safe or any others, contact us here at Value Safes today!

SKU HDS-1000E Category
  • Cubic Feet 5.24
  • Office Computer Back-Ups
  • Home Computer Back-Ups
  • Digital Pictures
  • Music CDs
  • DVDs
  • Video Tapes
  • One-hour fire protection for media products
  • No center bolt-down hole
  • Fire rating- 1832°F outside, 125°F interior
  • Three removable shelves
  • Electronic Digital lock
  • Protects also against Sprinklers, water, and Humidity


Outside Dimensions
Height: 36 1/2″
Width: 23″
Depth: 21″
Inside Dimensions
Height: 31 1/2″
Width: 18″
Depth: 16″
400 lbs


Weight 400 lbs


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