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If I am one of those seeking the ultimate in TL-30 security, the Jewel Vault provides the answer. The Jewel Vault’s composite body is a solid 3″ thick and incorporates 12,000 PSI density concrete embodied with corundum aggregate and encased in a double layer of high-tenstile steel. The door is 6 1/2″ in overall thickness, which includes 3″ of solid barrier material.

The Jewel Vault incorporates up to seven massive 2″ chromed locking bolts, secured with two high-security, U.L. listed Group II combination locks. Both locks are protected by a 1/4″ ball bearing anti-drill plate. Additionally, the mechanism is protected by dual plates of tempered glass, which will activate two randomly located relocking devices in the event of a safe attack. For ease of use, the safe incorporates an ingenious roller system, which reduces friction and lets the safe owner use the tri-spoke handle with incredible ease. In addition each relocker is equipped with an internal captive cross lock, which secures the relocker bolt once it has fired.

  • Massive 3″ thick door, 6 1/2″ overall
  • Three way active bolt works with 2″ locking bolts
  • Tempered glass relocker
  • Adjustable ball bearing hinges
  • 3 shelves
  • Optional key or combination lock
  • Tri-spoked diecast handle
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Stainless facia plates
  • 13.1 cu. ft.


Outside Dimensions
Height: 51 1/2”
Width: 30 1/2”
Depth: 31 1/2”
Inside Dimensions
Height: 45”
Width: 24”
Depth: 21”
2,200 lbs


Weight 2200 lbs


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