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Mesa MUC2K Under Counter Safe


MESA’s MUC series undercounter depository safes are designed for protection against robbery as well as internal theft, allowing quick deposits and secure storage without actual access inside the safe. A necessity in every cash handling business.

The MUC1K and MUC2K under-counter drop safes are built with an all-steel construction that provides durability and sturdiness that will last a lifetime. The front-loading slot offers convenient and quick access to deposit cash, envelopes, checks, receipts and other types of money transactions efficiently.

The anti-fish baffle prevents theft and robbery through the deposit slot. Any thief or unauthorized user forcing their way into the slot will not be able to steal any of the valuables contained inside.The under-counter deposit safes also come with four anchor holes to secure your safe to the floor, counter or other types of surfaces for better security and stability.

The dual key operated lock is protected by a spring loaded relocking device. The only way to gain access inside the safe is by using the two keys provided and inserting each key into their own key slot. You will need both keys to open up the safe. This allows for extra security and defense against theft.

The solid steel half-inch thick door adds proper strength that can withstand physical attacks. The heavy duty dead bar prevents the door from being removed during a forced entry attempt. The under-counter safes come in a simple and attractive hammered dark-gray finish that can easily match your décor and workplace. Perfect for any business such as convenience stores or retail shops that need an affordable and simple cash management device.

Height Width Depth
Exterior 8″ 6″ 12 3⁄4″
Interior 6 1⁄4″ 5 3⁄8″ 10 1⁄2″
Interior Space 0.2 Cubic Feet
Weight 22 lbs
Shelving 0
Type Dual KeyLock
Features •2 Renters’ keys & 1 Guard key included •Lock protected by a spring-loaded relocking system


Weight 22 lbs


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