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Mesa MFL2118E Depository Safe


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MESA’s MFL Series Depository Safes are designed for protection against robbery as well as internal theft, allowing quick deposits and secure storage for cash and miscellaneous valuables without actual access inside the money safe. They also protect money collections where immediate deposits are required. A depository safe is a necessity in every cash handling business.

The depository safes have a drop box feature and storage space to keep other valuables such as documents, jewelry and rare collectibles safe from burglaries. The solid steel construction provides maximum strength and durability that will keep your safe lasting long while being able to withstand physical abuse from forced attempts. The thick diameter of the steel locking bolts provide added security making it difficult for any thief to engage any attempts at prying it open.

Other optional security features that are included with your depository safe are four anchor holes. This provides you the ability to anchor down your cash safes onto the floor, wall or other types of surfaces to prevent any burglar from removing it from its place. You also have the option of selecting a combination or electronic lock. With our electronic locks, if the combinations have been entered incorrectly, then the lock will go into a lockout penalty mode that will prevent any further combinations to be entered. All the security features provided with our depository safes ensure the best possible protection against any forced attempt at breaking it open. The ideal and perfect solution for all businesses dealing with any type of currency.

Height Width Depth
Exterior 22.5″ 18.375″ 18.375″
Interior 11.875″ 17.625″ 15.375″
Interior Space 1.9 Cubic Feet
Weight 120 lbs
Shelving 1
Type Advanced Electronic Lock MSL500
Features •Low battery warning •Concealed emergency key system
•Wrong code penalty •Easily change your personal code
•Programmable 01-59 minute unlocking time-delay •1 manager & up to 5 user codes
•Battery Operated
[9V Battery Required; not included]
•Lock protected by drill-resistant hard plate & punch-activated relocking system
Optional Locks U.L. Listed Group II Combination Lock
Dual Key Mechanical Lock


Weight 120 lbs


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